Horse cloning takes the guesswork out of breeding and protects elite equine genetics

Horses have always been valued, admired and loved for their power and beauty. The relationships horse owners have with their prized animals runs deep. At ViaGen Equine, we are the leaders in helping innovative horse owners with their genetic, reproductive and cloning needs. We’ve successfully cloned hundreds of elite horses, including ViaGen President Blake Russell’s very own stallion, Pure Tailor Fit.

The primary objective for horse owners and breeders is to produce horses that are uniquely capable in their chosen field of performance. ViaGen’s genetic preservation and cloning services offer a unique opportunity to these breeders. Cloning allows one to produce a foal that is genetically identical to the elite donor. This allows the return of proven genetics from a champion gelding to your breeding program and to expand the genetic impact of a proven, outstanding broodmare. Crosses can be expanded and new combinations can be discovered.

This technology can help us improve the performance of our animals while reducing the impact of inbreeding and genetic disease.

Cloning also offers a unique type of insurance to horse owners and breeders. The impact of injury to–or loss of–a popular stud is greatly reduced if another stud with the same genes is available.

Across diverse breeds of horses, ViaGen can help you extend the reproductive life of top- producing animals, produce studs that are genetically identical to top-performing geldings, keep up with demand for semen, embryos and offspring, and preserve genes as insurance against unexpected injury or loss.

The opportunity to protect and multiply the genetics of exceptional horses has made ViaGen’s horse cloning and genetic preservation services very attractive to horse owners.

“The ViaGen team is proud of its reputation of providing an exceptional and personalized client experience from start to finish. Every cloned foal is veterinary inspected to ensure its health, and is genetically verified by an accredited 3rd party to confirm a genetic match to the donor.”

Blake Russell

President, ViaGen

Horse Cloning Enhances the Effects of Great Breeding

Horse lovers and horse breeders are a passionate group. Loving and caring for horses is a lifestyle. At ViaGen Equine, we know that because we’re horse owners and breeders ourselves. Cloning provides a unique opportunity to extend the effects of the mixture of science and art that is great breeding. Nothing can replace the knowledge and experience that has to be earned to breed great animals. Once that achievement has been earned, cloning can help you insure that prized horse and its unique qualities. As horse lovers, we form strong relationships with our horses. Especially with certain, unique horses. Outside of breeding considerations, cloning now provides a new opportunity for you to share a unique horse with future generations of your family. We’d love to learn more about your passion for horses and talk with you about the possibilities of cloning.