5 Cats You Should Be Following on Instagram

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Are you tired of scrolling through your Instagram feed and seeing nothing but your friend’s lunches, vacations and selfies? Want more adorable kitties in your life? We are here to help. Here is a list of the 5 top fluffy friends you need to be following that will be sure to brighten up your day and your Instagram feed!

Grumpy cat (@realgrumpycat)

After becoming an internet sensation in 2012 for her infamous grumpy frown, Tardar Sauce, (aka Grumpy Cat) now lives a life of fame and fortune. Her ‘grumpy’ look is caused by an under-bite and feline dwarfism, but we love it and so does the rest of the world! She has books, clothing and toys with her adorably grumpy face on it. She even has her own app! Follow this kitty on Instagram to see her hilariously cute snaps!

Lil Bub (@iamlilbub)

This little cat has captured the Internets heart with her unique look and her precious pink tongue. Lil Bub’s story begins when she was found as the the runt of a feral litter and was taken in as a rescue kitty. Lil Bub has overcome some great challenges since being rescued and now uses her fame to help others and has raised well over $300,000 for animals in need! Bub’s Instagram consists of cute snaps of her daily life and pictures with her and her owner.

Hamilton the Hipster Cat (@hamilton_the_hipster_cat)

Seriously… what’s better than a cat with a mustache? Hamilton was rescued from the streets of San Jose, CA and his perfectly shaped mustache and human-like expressions has turned him in to an internet sensation! Hammy currently has a t-shirt deal with Urban Outfitters, he has his own web series, his own calendar line, and also appears in commercials! Along with posting cute pictures of Hammy, this cat’s Instagram is also used to help raise money for charities!

Nala (@nala_cat)

Nala was rescue cat from Los Angles, California. She was adopted from a shelter at 5 months old, but since then Nala has had an amazing journey! After adopting Nala, her current owner started an Instagram page to share her cuteness with the world, and boy are we glad she did! Nala’s Instagram has over 3 million followers. She is currently labeled as one of the most famous kitties and she even has her own merchandise! Who could resist those eyes!

Venus (@venustwofacecat)

Venus is known as the cat with two faces. Venus was adopted from a dairy farm and has a genetic variation that resulted in both halves of her face looking different. Her eyes are even different colors! There are online rumors that Venus’ face has been spray painted or Photo-shopped, but on Venus’ website she shuts that rumor down and claims to be 100% natural! You can see more pictures of this unique kitty on her Instagram!

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