Celebrate Walk Your Pet Month With a Walk

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January is National Walk Your Pet Month, in case you didn’t know.  Well for many, walking your pet in January can prove quite difficult due to the cold, ice and snowy weather.  I have complied a list of reminders for walking both your dog or cat.


Let’s first start off with a few items that I think are necessary before you walk out the door with your dog.  I prefer to utilize a doggy fanny pack that I wear to store some necessities like my keys, phone, a few treats, waste bags and pepper spray.

If the weather is cold you may consider a sweater or jacket for your pup and if it’s raining a rain jacket.  There are tons to choose from online to meet your preference.  You may also consider boots to protect their paw pads and keep their paws clean.

When walking my dog, Coco a Chocolate Lab, I prefer to utilize a harness and retractable lead.  A harness allows me to have better control over her body without choking her if I yank on the leash.  That said, a retractable leash provides some freedom for the dog and allows many great, easy training opportunities.

A few other items to consider: water to keep your dog hydrated, a collapsible pet bowl for food or water (ViaGen Pets provides these collapsible bowls as freebies at trade shows we attend and folks LOVE them!), treat pouches, a reflective dog dollar with appropriate tags (dogs name, phone number, and rabies tag) and possibly a training clicker.


I personally do not have a cat but if I did and was to walk the cat I would be sure to grab the following: harness, leash, fanny pack as I mentioned above with similar items and a collar with appropriate tags.  For a cat I would not personally use a retractable lead but a regular leash for safety purposes.  Like dogs, depending on the weather you may consider a sweater, cat, rain jacket and boots.

I am not sure about you, but I often see pet strollers. There is a large selection of pet strollers available for both dogs and cats online and in specificity pet stores.  If you have a very small pet or an aging pet perhaps the stroller is the best way for your pet to still enjoy the great outdoors.

Whether walking a dog or cat there are many healthy benefits not only to the pet but for you as well.  Exercise is extremely important for the physical and mental health of all of us.  Make it a priority this year.

By: Lauren


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