Celebrating Independence Day With Pets

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As we start preparing our celebrations for Independence Day let’s not forget about our fur babies.  According to PetMD July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters.  Why? Animal shelters are “inundated with pets that panicked at the noise of the fireworks and fled into the night.”

Here are a few tips to keep your pets safe.

  1. Keep your pets inside. You certainly don’t want them to be scared because of the load noises and dart off into the night.
  2. Alcohol and pets don’t mix so avoid your pet consuming any alcoholic beverage.
  3. Be sure that your pet is wearing the proper ID tags in the event they get loose.
  4. If your pet tends to be anxious you might have any jackets or medications on hand if needed to reduce the risk of anxiety.
  5. Avoid taking pets to parties or gatherings to watch the fireworks. Leave them safely at home.
  6. Avoid at all costs using fireworks around your pet.
  7. Bugs are in full force in the evenings. Be sure to avoid spraying your pet with human grade bug sprays.  Hit up your local pet store for pet appropriate sprays.  Note, even citronella candles are toxic to pets.
  8. Steer clear of putting glow in the dark jewelry on your pets. These items are highly toxic to pets.
  9. On July 5th, be sure to clean up any debris from the fireworks in your yard. Debris can still be toxic to our pets.
  10. Know your closest emergency vet clinic location in the event of an emergency.

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