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A few months ago, I was introduced to a video that shows a dog in a training environment tracking an active shooter in a school. Within seconds, he follows the sounds of the gunshots to take down and neutralize the shooter. While I’m not well versed in the working dog community, I knew I had never seen anything like this, and I knew the value this training could provide given the increase in school shootings in recent years. I am personally reminded of how important this could be, as my community, Alma Mater, and my dad were a part of a hostage situation that could have been a potential school shooting. The reason why this video was originally brought to my attention is because the dog featured in the video is a cloned dog from ViaGen Pets.

Eudoris 3 currently working with Carroll Police Dept

The owner of this cloned dog is Joshua Morton with Canine Tactical. We are currently working with Joshua to clone 3 different dogs: Eudoris®, Apache, and Rook; with each dog having different characteristics to compliment the handler. Joshua is a former Navy SEAL and assisted with the formative years of the SEALs canine program. He has applied this hands on experience in his training program to provide working dogs that have a unique set of genetics paired with proven training techniques for military and law enforcement.

Eudoris Actual

Since the beginning of 2017, he has received and trained eight puppies from his Eudoris® cell line. Four of these dogs are currently working as police K-9s with departments around the Midwest. Their deployments are updated on a monthly basis and to date they have assisted in locating drugs and even a lost 12-year-old boy. To make what these dogs are doing even more impressive, they are placed with police handlers much quicker than the average working dog. Typically, a police K-9 begins working with a department at 1.5 years old. Joshua is able to place his trained Eudoris® police K-9s at 10 months old! This provides the department with an extra 8 months of service along with a 3-year performance guarantee from their Eudoris® K-9. The handler receives monthly evaluations to ensure the handler and dog continue to grow as a team. The Eudoris® 4 dog featured in the Active Shooter video currently works in a contract capacity, one of the Eudoris® dogs has been placed as a home protection dog, and two of the younger Eudoris® puppies are still in training.

Eudoris Cloned Puppies

Joshua and Canine Tactical are pioneers in the working dog community for having the foresight to harness the elite genetics of their best dogs and reproduce it through the cloning process. It takes the guesswork out of conventional breeding, and their results thus far have shown that the performance in the cloned puppies is more consistent than the puppies born from conventional breeding. We look forward to continuing to watch the revolutionary work Canine Tactical is doing with their Active Shooter training and to watch the Eudoris®, Apache, and Rook puppies grow and serve our communities.

For more information about storing the DNA of your pet or working animal please contact ViaGen Pets at 888-876-6104.

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