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For pet owners Jennifer and Tommy, losing their beloved Brady was certainly a tragedy. Brady was involved in a tragic accident and passed suddenly. As with any heartbreaking event, there were wishes of the pain to go away- and wishes to regain what was lost. Tommy was aware of cloning prior to Brady’s passing, however it is something they had thought about pursuing later in life when their kids were older. The painful passing had set the wheels in motion to follow through with cloning, sooner than expected. Jennifer and Tommy then turned to ViaGen to help them recover what was lost.

Cells were stored in June of 2017, and the cloning process was initiated. After a pregnancy was confirmed, Jennifer was told there were 3 puppies. Tommy and Jennifer were over the moon that there were 3, because they were hoping for at least 2. Bradey, Bentley, and Bruno were born on the 30th of November, in 2017. For the next 8 weeks Jennifer and Tommy were in communication with ViaGen to get updates on their puppies, and Friday’s became Jennifer’s favorite day. She said the anticipation would build all week, looking forward to seeing photos and videos of her boys. The puppies were delivered to them right at 8 weeks, and the family hasn’t been the same since.

To sum it up, the experience for Jennifer has been surreal. She is thrilled with having 3 puppies- in fact Bruno gravitates to her, while Bradey favors Tommy, and Bentley loves their children. Of course the puppies love the entire family, but having 3 puppies ensures everyone gets puppy time. Although Bruno is dubbed “dippy toes” because of small amount of white on the tips of his toes, they boys are otherwise identical. Jennifer remarked that they boys mirror Brady in every way possible. In a unique way, the puppies all have similar demeanor but a few minor things do set them apart in terms of personality. Bruno is a bit more reserved and easy going, which was a part of Brady’s personality. Bradey “bucks like a bull” just like Brady did. He will bark for attention and kick his back legs out, indeed bucking like a bull- while Bentley will hug Jennifer’s leg for attention. Bruno is a total mommy’s boy always by Jennifer’s side, while Bradey and Bentley are a bit more adventurous. They are all similar in terms of personality, but they seem to each have a stronger sliver which together composes Brady.

Jennifer says this process is an investment, however it was worth every single cent. She plans to clone again later in life, to have her boy Brady with her again. Their goal with cloning this time was just to get Brady back. They had lost something so near and dear to their heart, that they truly didn’t know what to do without him. Jennifer said she would definitely clone again, no questions asked. Having Brady’s DNA on file stored indefinitely gives her reassurance that she will be able to do this again someday. Jennifer totally encourages someone on the fence about cloning to follow through with it. She says cloning is getting back what you lost, plus some.

The boys have been in their home for 4 months now, but it feels like they have always been there. They are doing extremely well with training and are almost totally potty trained. They do make a few dribbles when excited, but they are learning more every day. The sweet puppies have lots of play time, and even scheduled nap times- just like Jennifer and Tommy’s kids. Bradey, Bruno, and Bentley are always happy, playful, and full of kisses.

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