Cool New Pet Products For 2017

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Whether you’re looking to upgrade, replace, or add to the assortment of items you have for your furry companion, the options can be overwhelming. New products are always emerging to help improve our pet’s lives. We’ve compiled a “wish list” of sorts for items that we would like to try as we enter the new year. Some of the items listed can already be ordered and some are only available for pre-order at this time.

  • Collars – GPS and health tracking collars have become a new trend with there being endless options. Most of these tend to have GPS or health tracking, and a frequent comment is that the snap-on models tend to fall off easily. The Arden Collar (shipping Summer 2017) seems to solve these issues and has everything you need. It has a laundry list of specs that includes: GPS and satellite tracking, temperature monitoring, activity and sleep tracking, health record storage, and a feature similar to Amber Alert. The size of the collar ranges from 6 – 32 inches in diameter to accommodate cats and large breed dogs.


  • Food Bowl – If you’re looking to make your pet slow down and enjoy their dinner while getting their teeth cleaned, there’s a food bowl for you! The DentaDish has bristles to gently clean your pet’s teeth as they eat, while the design encourages them to take it slow. If you need to closely monitor your pet’s food intake, the Petnet SmartBowl may be the fit for you. Working with the Petnet app, the bowl monitors portions and your pet’s eating habits.

eight_col_petnetsmartbowl  1

  • Litter Box – Wouldn’t it be nice if your litterbox was less of a chore or if it could help you know more about your cat’s health? Look no further than Luuup and Tailio. Luuup coins itself as being stylish and functional with a 3 trays with built-in sieves that makes for easy clean up. Simply pick up the top tray to empty the waste then place it on the bottom of the stack. Tailio is a device that goes under your litter box and assists in monitoring your cat’s health through their bathroom habits. You can set your new Luuup litter box on top of your Tailio!

luuup-litter-box  c3f91218fee647b724373ae1b4689d5b

  • Toys – For cat’s, I’m liking the Shru. This toy is marketed as the intelligent cat companion as it’s designed to interact with your cat with similar movements and sounds as a small animal. There are different modes to always keep your kitty entertained, and it’s rechargeable. For dog’s, my wish item is the Tikr. This is an interactive treat toy that contains a timer and will release treats through slots when the timer is up. The timer ranges from 5 to 45 minutes, and there are no batteries or electronics to recharge. For all our furry companions, there’s PlayDate. It’s a smart ball with a camera that you can control from a mobile device so that you can play with your fur baby from anywhere! You can pre-order the PlayDate now for delivery in March 2017.

treat4  playdate-2  img_1473_bw-460x300

Of course we hope a product you will consider ordering for you and your pet in 2017 is our Genetic Preservation biopsy kit. We’re happy to assist with any questions you and your veterinarian might have regarding the biopsy and preservation process, so please feel free to send an inquiry through our website or call us at 888-876-6104.


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