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The holidays are quickly approaching, so for most of us it’s about time to start thinking about gift shopping for friends and family.  But what about our beloved pets?  We all know how special our feline companions are, so why not spoil them this holiday season with some fun cat-themed gifts?

  1. Licki brush: Cats lick each other and their owners as a way to show affection, so why not return the favor?  With this fun tongue-shaped brush, you can simulate grooming your cat in the most natural way.  Extend the bond with your cat and make grooming fun!  Buy
  2. Soft Paws: Worried about kitty scratching up your new couch or expensive hardwood floors?  Soft Paws may be exactly what you’re looking for.  These soft, flexible nail caps are glued onto the end of your cat’s nails and last for 4-6 weeks.  Plus, they come in a variety of fun colors and patterns so you can match your own manicure to kitty’s!  Buy here.
  3. SureFlap Microchip cat door:  Inside, then outside, then back inside.  It seems like cats can never decide which side of the door they want to be on.  With this cat door and collar combo, you can let your cat decide for themselves.  This pet door can only be activated by the included RFID collar tags or your pet’s own microchip, so he or she can come and go as they please, allowing you to enjoy all the convenience of a pet door without worrying about any unwanted guests.  Buy here.
  4. Catnip plant: Everyone knows cats love catnip, so why not treat your cat to the very best and grow it yourself?  Catnip can be grown indoors or outdoors, and once it’s harvested the leftovers can be dried and stored for years or stuffed into a favorite toy.  Your cat will love getting to nibble and roll around on fresh catnip!  (If your feline friend doesn’t care for catnip, consider cat grass instead!)  Buy here.
  5. Cat Wine: Ever wish you could give your cat a sip of your favorite drink?  With Pet Winery’s cat wine, that dream can become a reality.  Spoil your cat with a bottle of Meowsling, Purrgundy, or a Cat-Tini!  These wines are alcohol-free and infused with catnip and salmon oil, so not only are they fun for kitty, but healthy too!  Buy here.
  6. Mitten brush:   If you’re not feeling brave enough for the Licki brush, consider these grooming mitts instead!  Kill two birds with one stone by removing excess fur and dander while petting your cat like you normally would.  The soft silicone bristles are gentle on your cat’s skin and super effective at removing excess fur.  Buy here.
  7. Pretty Litter:  Worried about your cat’s health?  This revolutionary litter is normally a light blue, but will change colors based on changes in your cat’s urine that can indicate potential health problems.  Pretty Litter allows you to monitor your cat’s health without any extra effort and gives owners the opportunity to seek medical attention for their pet before a major health problem develops.  One bag will last a whole month, and a new bag can be shipped to your door monthly!  Buy here.
  8. Petzi Treat Cam:   Going on vacation for the holidays?  With this treat dispenser, you won’t have to worry about your cat feeling lonely or missing you.  The Petzi Treat Cam is a simple wall-mounted camera and treat dispenser that allows you to view your pet through your smartphone, talk to them with high-quality audio, and (most importantly!) dispense their favorite treat through the included Treat Launcher.  Stay connected to your pet no matter where you are!  Buy here.

By: Kelsey H.


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