Holiday Shopping For The Pet Lover

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With holiday season gearing up you may be thinking about dinner parties, cozy nights by the fire, and of course shopping. While making your list, don’t forget to include your furry friends. Whether you want to give them a gift, or if you want to receive a gift with their face on it- check out my favorite pet themed products.

Decorations: Involving your pets in the holidays (just as your do your family) starts with decorating! While some people don’t enjoy decorating, this décor will get you eager to put up the tree.

  • Ornaments- While many breed specific ornaments are available online, bump up the holiday spirit and DIY your dog’s print on a keepsake.

  • Treat jars- Etched glass, red striped, plaid, the options are endless to spruce up your dog’s favorite jar.

  • Stockings- Don’t forget to hang a stocking for your beloved pet! Popular stocking stuffer’s include treats, toys, and more treats.

Party attire:

  • Sweaters- You can never go wrong with a holiday sweater, especially for a family photo.
  • Black tie- dresses for the ladies, and bow ties for the guys.

For you:

  • On the market you can find blankets, scarves, slippers, PJ’s, just about anything with a dog on it. I personally like to kick it up a notch and get things personalized with my dog on it. One of my favorite things I did for my dog was a photo shoot, and I then got those pictures printed on canvases and gave them out as gifts to everyone in my family. This is a great way to ensure a piece of our dog is always with each of us.

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