Pet Memorial Day: Ten Ways to Memorialize Your Pet

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Remembering Your Deceased Pet

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Pet Memorial Day deals with an issue that as pet parents we all know is coming. We all dread it just the same. At some point our beloved four legged companion is going to cross the Rainbow Bridge. I hate to even think about it because thinking about it makes it real. Honestly, I don’t want it to be real. Not now. Not ever.

I have had Coco, my sweet Chocolate Lab, for thirteen years. My husband and I met her only a few days after she was born and the gracious breeder allowed us and really encouraged us to visit with her weekly until she could come home with us. We experienced so many firsts right along with her. She immediately bonded with us as much as we did to her.

For thirteen years this dog–no, this friend of mine–has been the most loyal companion I could ever ask for. No matter the kind of day I was having; no matter how mad, sad, or happy I was, Coco was always thrilled to greet me at the door, give me a kiss, shake my hand, snuggle or lick away my tears. She has provided me with the most unconditional love that maybe I have ever known. Over the years Coco has extended that same love to really everyone that has ever crossed her path.

pet memorial day photo

Ten Ways To Memorialize Your Pet

How is it even possible for me to memorialize such an amazing kindness in my life? Could I even do her justice? Would I even make her proud? Would anyone else even care or get it? Maybe I am just plain nuts? Even though it’s not Coco’s time, and hopefully isn’t for a long time, I am going to prepare myself just the same.

Here are 10 ways to memorialize your pet that I found interesting.

1. The Pet Bio Urn made by Cast Paper Art. I actually met these very nice folks at Western Veterinary Conference 2016 and brought a sample home. You can visit Pet Bio Urn here.

2. A tattoo with specific significance to your fur baby.

3. A custom pet nose print necklace such as this one at Uncommon Goods.

4. An exact replica of your pet from Cuddle Clones.

5. Engrave a river stone with your pet’s name or create a concrete stepping stone.

6. Create a shadow box and include items like: collar, favorite toy, pictures, etc.

7. A professional pet portrait.

8. Plant a tree in their honor.

9. Turn their ashes into fireworks.

10. Genetic preservation of their tissue through ViaGen Pets.


Memorializing Your Pet Is A Personal Decision

Trust me, there are endless possibilities available for all of us to memorialize our pet. Bottom line, it’s a very personal decision. Don’t allow anyone to shame you if you feel the need to extend your bond and connection. Do your homework, take your time and you will make the right decision for you and your pet. No matter what way you choose to memorialize your pet you will always have the fondest memories in your heart for a lifetime.


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