National Service Dog Month

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September is the month to celebrate and recognize our canine companions for their extraordinary services they do every day for the people they care for.  September is used to raise awareness, appreciation and support for service dogs in the US.

Service dogs are trained to help their owner with a variety of disabilities, including mental, physical and developmental disabilities.  Dogs understand us and can read our emotions and are naturally therapeutic to be around.

Here are some interesting facts about service dogs:

  • A service dog can be any size or breed.
  • Service dogs have customized training to perform specific tasks for their owner.
  • Service dogs are legally allowed everywhere where members of the public are allowed except places where it could cause a danger/stress to the environment (like certain areas of the zoo, Sterile laboratories, places of worship)
  • Service dogs are not required to wear gear or carry paperwork

In addition, service dogs can be part of our heroic group of men and women who risk their lives every day for our country.  These working canines join this group of military and first responders risking their lives every day.  Many are rescue animals but there are also programs in the US that train dogs for these critical situations.

One group that has dedicated their lives to training working dogs for military and law enforcement is Canine Tactical.  In addition to their training program, they have been advancing their program by utilizing the ViaGen Pets cloning program to reproduce their elite genetic dogs for their purpose.  Canine Tactical has cloned 3 of their different canine brands.  Eudoris® below is example and some of his clones have already joined the working canine community!

These companion animals work hard to make life better for many people every day and dedicating a month to celebrating and honoring their work seems to be the most proper action from us.  There are so many organizations out there, just search to find the best fit for you to donate to.  So join in celebrating National Service Dog Month, consider donating your time or money to a service animal training and advocacy organization.  Not only are you helping out a companion animal you are helping a person live a better life.

For more information about storing DNA or cloning your pet or service animal please contact ViaGen Pets at 888-876-6104.

By: Sanaz

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