Cedar Park company ViaGen cloning favorite pets

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Science has come a long way since “Dolly the sheep.”

Once, only a science fiction pipe-dream, now you can clone your precious pets: your dog, your cat or your horse. And you can start the process right here in Central Texas.

The Cedar Park-based ViaGen Pets & Equine offers genetic preservation and cloning services for customers all over the globe.

“What that really means is we can preserve the DNA of the beloved cat, dog or horse and we can provide a client with the opportunity to move forward with cloning at any later time,” said ViaGen’s Codi Lamb.

Lamb says think of it as producing an identical twin to the original animal. “A lot of clients do reach out to us when they’re going through a difficult time, whether it be a terminal illness diagnosis or coming to terms with the loss of a pet.  Our services really just provide them hope of maybe not completely losing that pet,” she said.


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