Escondido family clones pet dog they credit with saving their lives

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David and Alicia Tschirhart had their Labrador retriever, Marley since he was just a young pup. Marley was apart of their family through many years of their life and experienced all chapters. One, the birth of the couples first daughter, Madeline.

Marley was pronounced a hero in 2014 when the couple and Marley went on a hike at San Diego’s Battle Mountain in Escondido. Alicia was four months pregnant with her daughter Madeline.

About a quarter mile into their hike, Alicia veered off path to find a walking stick to help her with the rest of the hike. That is the exact moment Marley scurried away from David and ran to Alicia as she almost reached down and got bit by a rattlesnake. Because of Marley, Alicia and her baby girl are alive.

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