Forbes: The Future of Cloning With Blake Russell

Posted by on Tuesday, August 27th, 2019 in

Blake Russell the CEO and President of Viagen is leading this movement in areas with San Diego Zoo to work with cloning high-performance dogs for police, military and other services.

From work with preserving endangered species to cloning unique professional dogs for special services cloning is in many ways an unseen industry to the vast majority of us now, but a very likely far more public part of our worlds ten years from now. Blake’s discussion about the logic for this industry, best practices and how it can and will open up far more over time.

This isn’t just about cloning a beloved pet.
Cloning is a hot subject, both as an application of decades of science and research but also because of the possibilities that it opens up for preservation of rare and endangered species or for stars like Barbara Streisand their beloved pets. It’s a subject and idea that may well be more than just an odd outlier in ten years’ time as costs come down and acceptance goes way up.


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