Hairdresser welcomes cloned French bulldog

Posted by on Wednesday, April 15th, 2020 in
hairdresser clones dog

A hairdresser to the stars including Britney Spears has welcomed a CLONED French bulldog to make his quarantine bearable.

Roberto Novo, 61, paid a staggering $50,000 to have his beloved Machito cloned and received the adorable genetic duplicate Machitwo in the midst of the pandemic.

The stylist admitted that New Yorkers taking their daily exercise in the locked down city still coo over the pup – which wears a mask – but from a safe distance of six feet away.

“Machitwo is as cute as can be and people want to pet him.

“But because of coronavirus no one can touch him so they take a picture from six feet away.”

Shockingly, Machitwo was born on February 7, the same day that the original Machito passed away at the age of fourteen.

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