Mother Cloned her Beloved Toy Poodle

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An empty-nester mother who shelled out $50K to clone her toy poodle, resulting in three identical puppies has told she is so pleased with the pooches that she is going duplicate her dog’s clones in a few years.

Amy Vangemert said she had increasingly grown reliant on her dog Buhner as her four sons Robert, 30, Taylor, 29, Dyllan, 26, and Austin, 23, grew up and left home.

The 55-year-old was so attached that the thought of him passing away as he grew older made her cry every day, prompting her to search for another dog – but she couldn’t stop noticing how different they were from Buhner.

So she and her husband John, 55, who she owns a construction company with in Seattle, decided to contact the same Texas company that cloned superstar Barbra Streisand’s pooch in 2017.

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