North Carolina Couple Happy with Their Cloning Decision

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A husband and wife who paid $25,000 to clone their beloved cat that had been with them since they were newlyweds, said they never really considered the hefty price tag, they exclusively told DailyMailTV.

Bryan and Ashley Bullerdick, from Charlotte, North Carolina, decided to duplicate their rescue cat Cinnabun when the feline was nearing its 19th birthday.

The couple had hoped the original cat would meet its genetic twin, but sadly it passed away before its clone, also named Cinnabun, arrived to their home in April 2019.

Incredibly, the new Cinnabun sleeps in exactly the same spot that the original Cinnabun used to slumber – right on top of Ashley’s pillow.

Bryan, 43, and Ashley, 41, who have three sons, claimed they didn’t even consider the staggering cost of cloning their ‘special cat’.

Bryan, who owns an aerospace division business, said: ‘We never really thought much about the cost.

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