Pet Cloning Is Way More Advanced Than You Thought

Posted by on Thursday, October 21st, 2021 in

To the casual motorist driving down the long, flat country road outside Gainesville, an hour north of Dallas, Blake Russell’s eighty-acre horse farm probably looks like any other in the area. The wide, green pastures are dotted with hay racks and bored-looking mares flicking away flies with their silken tails. A steel ranch sign, depicting a man, a woman, and two horses crowded around a cross, hangs over a narrow driveway that winds up a hill to a cozy limestone house.

But a particularly observant traveler might take note of the unusually wide variety of breeds represented in the fields. There are compact, reliable American quarter horses, a Friesian with the glossy black mane of a shampoo model, draft horses the size of Airstream trailers, and a Dutch warmblood with long legs and the haughty, regal demeanor of minor European nobility. One might wonder how a veritable United Nations of the equine world ended up here in Cooke County.


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