The First Arizonan To Clone A Dog

Posted by on Friday, March 9th, 2018 in
arizonan clones dog

A Phoenix man decided to clone his Jack Russell terrier-mix after he realized his beloved dog was becoming blind and reaching the end of her life.

He’s believed to be the first Arizonan to take that step.

Barbra Streisand recently revealed in a interview with Variety that two of her dogs were clones of her dog Samantha, who died in 2017.

Although the trend of cloning pets may be is growing, it’s extremely expensive, and 63 percent of participants in a 2017 Gallup Poll said they believe cloning animals was morally wrong.

Only one company in the United States clones pets, Texas-based Viagen Pets. The company helped Rich Hazelwood, the owner of Celebrity Theatre, clone his dog, Jackie O.

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