Valley Family Clones Goldendoodle Dog

Posted by on Tuesday, November 26th, 2019 in

The loss of a pet can be extremely tough to handle. If only our furry friends could live as long as we do. While science hasn’t gotten quite that far yet, there is an alternative to get the carbon copy of the pet you love so much.

A Valley family is one of the latest in the country to turn to cloning to get another chance to be with their beloved Golden Doodle, Sally. They love her so much, they decided to clone Sally, so they could have her identical twin, 12 years apart, to raise all over again.

“She is really the perfect dog,” said Sally’s owner Craig Stull. “We thought if we’re ever going to clone a dog, it would be Sally,” Stull added.

The family turned to ViaGen Pets, who calls themselves “America’s pet cloning experts” for help.


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