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Streisand One Step Ahead; Clones Dog

Posted by on Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 in


The music, the mem’ries, the magic — and the science — are all coming together for Barbra Streisand and her dogs Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett these days. Streisand revealed in a new interview with Variety that she had mouth and stomach cells from her beloved Coton de Tulear dog Samantha preserved for cloning after […]

Ohio’s First Cloned Dog

Posted by on Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 in

More than 20 years after scientists in Scotland first cloned a sheep named Dolly, pet owners can clone their beloved dogs and cats. Viagen Pets is a Texas-based company that’s been cloning farm animals for fifteen years, and started cloning pets about two years ago. “It’s really been amazing. We’re the only company in the […]

There’s A Lab That Can Clone Your Pet

Posted by on Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 in

cloned pets

If you’ve ever had a pet you know how painful it is when they die. The loss is equal to a family member in most situations. If you don’t want to your goodbye to be forever, one lab is offering you an option. You can have your beloved pet cloned, and it’ll cost you just […]

Posted by on Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 in

For every dog owner out there, we know you’d do just about anything for your best friend. But how much would you pay to keep your pet around long after their gone? A Texas company, Viagen Pets, is using a propriety process to preserve your dog’s DNA and their frozen cells to create an embryo […]

Owner clones Arizona ‘celebrity’ dog

Posted by on Thursday, January 18th, 2018 in

Rich Hazelwood, who owns the Celebrity Theatre, says his dog, Jackie-O, has spent years helping him introduce acts on stage. “She became a celebrity dog,” he says of Jackie, who is now 17 and blind. Read more here.