How To Clone a Black-Footed Ferret

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An ankle-high fog of liquid nitrogen drifted over the floor of the Frozen Zoo, coasting around the keg-like cryotanks that host the world’s largest collection of living cell cultures. The fog immediately lowered the room’s temperature, a reprieve from the sultry June day in Southern California. This room — about the size of the beer cave […]

I sold my prized Warhol to clone my dog

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Fifteen years ago, when hair stylist Roberto Novo met a French bulldog puppy at the pet shop next to his salon, it was love at first snuggle. “He started to lick my face, and it was like he was saying to me, ‘You’re the one!’” Novo, 62, recalled. He named the pup Machito and they […]

ViaGen Pets Featured on CNBC

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ViaGen Pets was featured recently on CNBC.   See the video segment here.

Instagram Star Clones Pets

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Who doesn’t want their loved ones to come back to life? When pet owner and Austin resident Kelly Anderson’s cat Chai died four years ago due to eating a plastic wrapper under a pet sitter’s care, she was devastated. But she remembered a conversation she had with her roommate, who was a vet tech, just […]

Cloning Elvis

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The bond between a pet and pet-parent can be deep and unconditional. The thought of losing your pet – a family member – can be devastating. But what if you could clone your pet? That is exactly what David Best, MD, MBA, co-founder of MDea, BESTMSLs, and The Doctor’s Channel, is preparing to do with […]