Nubia Turns TWO!

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Nubia, the spunky little Jack Russell Terrier, who just happens to be the first cloned dog born in the United States will turn 2 years old in February. It seems like just yesterday she celebrated her very first birthday. So, what has Nubia been up to this past year?  According to her loving pet parents, she likes to spend her days like any other active 2-year-old, chasing rabbits, swimming, hiking, running with her doggie siblings (aka “The Pack”), and giving enthusiastic kisses to her family. We asked Nubia’s family what life has been like with this cute and clever cloned canine.  Read below to find out, and click here to read more client stories.

“It has been about 1 ½ years since I first held her in my arms with staff from ViaGen Pets looking on. While I still think of my older girl with fondness there is not a day that goes by that I don’t whisper to my new little girl “I’m sooo glad you can run and jump and are not short of breath anymore”. When I’m on the computer she comes and sits on my foot or puts a paw on my leg and wants up for head rub. At night she will curl up next to my back and I hear her give a contented sigh as sleep comes to our house. The Pack has sorted itself and she has become the dominant female. When at home and not in the field she has to be reminded to be gentle with the other older female and not air snap or continually shoulder crowd her showing dominance. No fights have occurred because we watch them and don’t let them escalate but compared to the brutal fights that my old girl and her sister had my little girl is much friendlier to both other dogs and people. Not many people know how she came to our family as we are naturally a private couple but those who do know smile and say how similar she is in many ways. Her fur had developed the same rough patterns, she has a neck ruff, her ears have similar tufts and her eyebrows which were a prominent feature of my old girl have grown out into the same bushy curves. The differences that are obvious involve the darker fur on her face and ears. She has a boyfriend and has been in heat 3-4 times to date and we hope she will conceive and deliver healthy pups this next year.

Occasional comments such as “Do they come from a test tube?” or ” How much did she cost?” are what one would expect to hear from people who simply don’t know the data and have not spent time getting enthusiastic kisses from her. When I say “she was less than a high-class pickup truck and much less than a Lexus” that puts it in perspective for most.

She filled the huge hole left by the passing of “her mom” and while I understand intellectually that reincarnation cannot be proven, as she has developed over these 2 years I just shake my head and have taken to calling her by her name and that of her “mom” interchangeably. It’s enough for me that she hops up on the bed, rolls on her side and looks at me with the same love I always saw.”

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