Show Your Love–It’s Pet Appreciation Week!

Posted by on Monday, June 6th, 2016 in General

What Are You Doing For Pet Appreciation Week?

Pet Appreciation Week is the first full week of June (June 5th till June 11th). While we always love and appreciate our pets, here are some ideas to pamper your pet and give them some extra love and attention this week:

Homemade Pet Treats

What’s better than a tasty treat baked with your love? Homemade treats are also a great way to monitor your pet’s diet since you are the chef. There are plenty of recipes that can be found online. Here is a tasty one for your dog and a few to choose from for your cat. Just be sure to introduce new foods gradually and if you have any concerns about the ingredients, it’s best to check with your veterinarian.

New Toys

I know that my dogs go bonkers when a new toy enters our house. They forget about the 15 other ones they have. You can even get a toy where you can play together. If you want to have a surprise show up every month, consider signing up for a subscription box service. There are several to choose from for dogs such as Barkbox or Pawpack and Meowbox or KitNipBox for cats. These are a great way to get new toys and treats that you might not typically buy yourself.

Spa Day

After all of the running around and playing with their new toys, they (and maybe you too) are going to need something time to wind down and relax. Take them to the groomers to get all cleaned up and groomed. While not all cats might appreciate this, I know that there is one that will.

 Extra Cat and Dog Cuddles

Maybe your schedule has been a little busier than usual, so this week take the time to slow down and have some quality lounging time with your pet. Whether belly rubs or ear massaging is their favorite, they will appreciate it and your body will too.

Veterinarian Check-Up

Nothing shows your appreciation more than making sure your pet is happy and healthy. Visit your local veterinarian for your pet’s annual exams and to stay up-to-date with routine vaccinations.

Pet Genetic Preservation

Consider preserving your pet’s genes – Contact a ViaGen Pets representative  to learn more about our genetic preservation services. Once you have successfully completed a genetic preservation for your pet, the cells can be kept indefinitely. Making the decision to preserve your pet’s genes allows you to have the option for cloning; whether you are ready to pursue cloning right away or down the road.

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