Pet Friendly Vacations

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We all look forward to that special vacation time!  Some want sports adventures, others want total relaxation and pampering, and others want to be immersed in outdoor nature trips.  Whatever the ideal vacation might be, many want to include their pets on this journey.

Planning and research is the best option to help eliminate any unpleasant surprises and undue stress.  Not all vacation activities, hotels, restaurants, beaches, etc. are safe and “Pet Friendly”.  Be sure to check the rules/regulations at any places that you plan to take your pet.


If flying, call and check with airline what are the rules and regulations (in U.S. or International regulations if flying outside of U.S.) on pet travel for that airline.

  • What is the pet fee?
  • Be sure to check about pet size, what size of carrier that will fit under the seat.
  • Confirm what documentation is needed.

Hotels/VRBO homes:

  • Are they Pet Friendly?
  • Where can you find their rules and regulations on pets?
  • Is there an additional charge and/or deposit for my pet to stay in the house or hotel room? If so, how much?
  • Does the hotel offer any services (like walking, etc…) and/or special food for pets?  Or does it recommend a service provider?  This would be a consideration if you take a day trip or full day business meeting and need a Pet Sitter.
  • Is there a nice, safe walking area for dogs at hotel or close by park?

Recently, I came across a hotel in Las Vegas (Delano) that offers (for additional fees) Doggie Butler Service items such as checking on your pet and texting you message that all is ok, taking the dog out for multiple breaks during the day, daily walks, and brushing/spending time with the pet in his room.   This hotel also had a Doggie Delights Menu offering in-room treats such as Chow Hound Chicken Hash or Bow Wow Burger.  While you are out and about, your dog can be enjoying that extra vacation treat.  Happy pet, happy owner, happy vacation!

There are many options available out there for you and your pet.  Where ever your ideal vacation journey takes you, enjoy the trip and have a wonderful, safe time!

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By: Kathy

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