How Pets Improve our Lives

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Life is precious.  We are always looking at ways to prolong and improve our lives.  Pets not only give us companionship and unconditional love, they have a key part in the quality of our life.

Here are SIX ways our pets improve our life on a regular basis:

  1. HEALTHIER – When you’re home it’s almost impossible to ignore your pet that’s probably begging for your attention. Even if it’s after a long day of work, it’s hard to just sit on the couch or lay in bed without showing your pet some attention. You are more likely to go on daily walks and be more active when you have a lively dog.  Even with a purry friend, you are bound to drag a toy across the room for entertainment.  This regular activity has been said to help reduce pet parents’ blood pressure and make you less likely to get heart disease.
  2. REDUCE STRESS-When petting your dog or cat a relaxation hormone is released that helps sooth and ease any stress, also potentially lowering your blood pressure. Studies have suggested that pets reduce stress more than human support at times. People may draw more support from their furry friends and it makes sense.  Isn’t it a guarantee your pet won’t judge you?  Therapy pets have also become a common service.  To read more about pet therapy see
  3. LONELINESS-It’s a great feeling to know someone is always there for you, unconditionally no matter how you feel or look on any given day. And if you are a pet parent then you know what I’m talking about. Pets give a sense of belonging and meaning permitting you to feel less alone in the world.
  4. SOCIAL FULLFILLMENT- Face it. Pets are always the center of our attention and whether that means you’re entertained just by watching them or talking about them, present or not, they will always help give you opportunities to connect to people.
  5. HAPPIER- The unconditional love and respect a pet shows makes us feel supported and allows us to be a happier, less negative person.
  6. LOWER RISK OF ALLERGIES- Interestingly enough studies have shown that being around pets early in life can reduce the risk of developing allergies. The department of Pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin did a study that found early exposure to dogs reduced the risk of developing some allergy diseases.


In your lifetime you might have several furry companions.  All will help improve your life, but there will probably be one that is extra special; maybe one that you have a stronger bond with.  What happens when you lose your much-loved pet?  Other than devastation and grief, there might be hope.  Preserving your pet’s genetics is a great option if you ever think you might want to replicate that one extra special companion.  To find out more, go to ViaGen Pets website.

So if you weren’t already fully gratified by your beloved pet, now you really are.  With all the added benefits, no wonder over 77 million dogs and over 85 million cats are owned just in the United States alone!  We need them and they need us.  It’s a priceless union.

By: Sanaz

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