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A beloved pet is much like a family member. The unique life-enriching bond, the love and companionship that grows, the way you feel for your pet; all are hard to replicate…until now. Today, safe genetic preservation and cloning of your dog or cat is an option pet owners may choose to explore for their healthy living pets, and for those pets that are nearing the end of their lives or have just passed away. Preservation and cloning with ViaGen Pets can allow you to reimagine and extend the very special love and experience you have with your pet to a genetic twin – a new adorable puppy or kitten that shares many of your original pet’s traits.  ViaGen Pets provides a cloning process that you can be confident is safe, and your pet’s DNA is not altered in any way. You can expect that your pet’s genetic twin will live a normal, healthy and happy life just like any other pet. You just provide the same love, companionship and care that you’ve always provided to your special pet.  If you’re unsure if cloning your pet is the right option for you, ViaGen Pets also provides long-term preservation of a sample of your current pet’s cells. Genetic preservation is one way to honor and memorialize your special pet by ensuring its genes will always exist, and can also be used for cloning later if you choose. Long-term storage of cells can also ensure access to future cell-based therapy options that don’t yet exist. A simple biopsy from your pet, performed by your veterinarian, is all that is required to get started.

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