How To Be a Responsible Pet Owner

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February is Responsible Pet Owner month. We all want to be responsible pet owners but that can mean different things to different people. What does responsibility mean to you when it comes to caring for your beloved pet? Here is a list of things most major organizations and animal lovers agree on are vital to ensuring your pet lives the long comfortable life he or she deserves:

Be sure to pick a pet that is suited to your location, home size and lifestyle. Different pets have different habits and social behaviors that should be taken into account. Pet ownership requires a large investment of time and money. Make sure you take this into account when deciding if and what kind of pet you are going to bring into your life. Before adopting a pet, be sure you understand what it takes to keep that animal safe, happy and healthy.

  • Commitment

Be sure you can afford a new furry friend. Pets are not toys that can be tossed aside when they become inconvenient or unwanted. Make sure all parties involved understand that pets are a commitment for the rest of their life, through thick and thin, for better or worse. There will always be struggles when dealing with adding a pet to the household. Make sure everyone is willing to put in the time, energy and money needed to keep your new friend happy and healthy.

  • Health Care

Pets need to be ensured nutritional and emotional wellness when coming into your home. Feeding you pet water and nutritional food as well as protecting from the elements is just the start of making sure your pet stays happy and healthy. Speak with your vet about a preventive vaccination schedule and educate yourself on what foods can and cannot be fed to your animal. Our vet, Dr. Kerry Ryan, recommends getting blood work done yearly on your cat or dog to establish a baseline for later in life when old age starts peaking its head. Your pet also needs emotional nutrition as well. Every animal needs love and attention to feel comfortable and safe in its environment.

  • Pet Proof

It is important to pet proof your house to keep your cats and dogs out of the things that can cause them serious harm. Make sure all dangerous foods and household products are kept in an area that your pet cannot get access to. This also includes pet proofing the outside of your house as well. Make sure trash is locked away and you have a proper fence put in to keep your animals from straying too far.

  • Exercise

Exercise isn’t just important to maintaining weight. It’s also good for bonding with your pet and can increase the levels of dopamine in your system as well as your pets which increases that sense of calm and relaxation you feel when you are around each other. Making sure your pet maintains a healthy weight will also help to keep down the vet bills later in life.

  • Socialization

Dogs are pack animals and making sure they get the proper socialization is good for them and for the community around you. Be sure to properly train your dog to react appropriately to the environment around you. Look up a local dog park and take them once a week so they can make friends and learn to behave around other animals. Who knows, you may even make a new friend yourself!

  • Identify

Most pet stores sell customized ID tags that can list names, phone numbers and email addresses. You can also talk to your vet about getting a microchip inserted between the shoulder blades of your pet. This ensures that the information is always there and doesn’t rely on a collar staying in place.

It is very important to spay and neuter your pets. This is helps control the pet population in the wild as well as the population of the shelters. Also, studies have shown that pets that are spayed and neutered tend to live longer, healthier lives and are also less likely to develop unwanted behavioral problems

  • Love

You are the most important thing in the world to your pet! Make sure you show give them all the love and attention they show you and you will be guaranteed a long happy relationship!

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