I got Ajax in October of 2007. I always had a furry friend in the house since I was a kid. I knew the bond that could be developed between human and dog, but the bond I had with Ajax was truly one in a million. It felt like though we couldn’t speak to each other, we could understand one another and knew what the other was thinking. He had the look, and larger than life personality of a goofy cartoon character; never had a dark day in his life. We used to do everything together from playing fetch, to hiking waterfalls, to taking long road trips.
 When I learned of his illness I couldn’t bear to imagine life without him, so I contacted ViaGen Pets and ordered a genetic preservation kit. Codi and Melain were extremely kind and informative throughout the process. The kit arrived with easy to use instructions and the non invasive procedure was done in 20 minutes.
Though it feels like I lost a blood brother, and part of myself, it brings me comfort that part of him is still alive on a microscopic level, and one day I can have more good times with his twin.