Pet parents understand that pets are family members. What made me decide to clone Angel is that I had such a strong connection with her. She was part of the family. I just loved her so incredibly much. I had Angel for over fourteen years. I had her since I was a little girl and basically couldn’t really remember what life was like before her.

When she started to get sick I was so devastated.

I was researching different things and stumbled across ViaGen Pets online. I knew that I would love to have an identical cloned twin puppy of Angel one day. But I wasn’t sure yet when I wanted to have Angel cloned…the great thing is that once you do a genetic preservation with ViaGen Pets, the cells can be stored indefinitely. Whether its next month, a year, ten years from now, or at any point in the future you will always have that option to be able to clone your beloved pet… even when the pet is no longer with you. I moved ahead with the Genetic Preservation right away.

After Angel died, I missed her so much. I missed having that sweet little happy face to wake up to every morning. Shortly after, I decided to move ahead with the cloning.

Angel really loved me so much, and I feel like this cloned puppy is Angel’s ultimate to gift to me as a thank you for all those wonderful years of happiness, memories and love we shared together. And now everyday when I see her cloned puppy, it’s truly amazing. You know how they say no one is ever truly gone that they live on in your love and memories. Well with Angel, it’s definitely true. I see her everyday in Angel’s cloned puppy…she’s living, she’s breathing and her legacy lives on!

My experience with ViaGen Pets has been amazing. ViaGen Pets is made up of a staff of complete animal lovers! They are so compassionate and passionate about animals. They are so friendly and easy to communicate with. I can call them on the phone or email them whenever I have question or just to vent about freaking adorable the cloned puppy is.

They made something that I feared might me a huge daunting process so simple. And they were there with me every step of the way. From the genetic preservation, to the pregnancy, the birth of the puppy, giving me updates. My favorite thing is once the puppy is born every Friday is picture day! Every week I was just so excited for Fridays to get those most adorable pictures and videos of my little fur baby. In the pictures and videos I could already see so many similarities between the cloned puppy and my late beloved dog Angel.

The more and more time I spend with the cloned puppy, the more those similarities grow. It’s truly amazing.

I have had 8 dogs (3 Maltese), and there are very specific quirks that ONLY Angel did and ONLY the cloned puppy do! My pet cat and Angel were best friends and the very first night I brought the cloned puppy of Angel home, they snuggled all night! The cloned puppy’s personality is identical to when Angel was a puppy and of course they look exactly the same! Over the course of my life I have had 30 plus pets, and I have never had such a strong immediate connection to a pet as I do with Angel’s cloned puppy 🙂 Thank you so much ViaGen Pets for mending my broken heart!

Watch Manika meet Gel-E here!