Ann was not a dog that would catch a Frisbee and bring it back to you, or the dog that will grab a drink for you from the fridge. In fact, she probably thought everything in the fridge should belong to her. When we travelled she found any hotel less than 3 stars was unacceptable and would literally drag us out of such hotels and demand a hotel with a nice view and would immediately look for a view from a glass elevator. When she wanted to go for a walk she would bring us socks and shoes and place them next to your feet. Around 10 pm she would l use her nose to bump against me to remind me that it was time for bed. Yes, she was demanding, but Ann was special because Ann understood both spoken and unspoken language and emotions.

She always looked into my eyes when I spoke. She understood my emotions in the tone of my voice. She could feel when I was frustrated or sad and would come and put her head on my knee to show me she was there for me. One time when I was sad she even unexpectedly brought me a rose in her mouth and that made me smile. Ann believed she deserved the best and I am working hard hoping one day I will be able to save enough to bring her back to my life.