Baby Cat

My landlady called me at work one day. There’s a tiny kitten on the porch, the tiniest kitten you’ve ever seen, she said.
My heart sank — New York City was under a drenching summer thunderstorm.
I told my landlady to try to keep the kitten interested with some tuna, and I left work at soon as possible.
Long story short, I managed to catch the kitten, who moved into my life and ended up being a constant dear companion.
I was older, but at that point in life I was trying to make it in the Big City. Baby’s friendship and love sustained and comforted me for almost 11 years.
I just lost her, way too young, to lymphoma. I just heard that her cells are plentiful and viable, and I simply cannot wait to see her again through her little twin sister. Maybe the new kitty will carry the memory of Baby’s and my cherished time together.