White Boxer

Bella came into our family 8 1/2 years ago as a baby white boxer. She was the life of the family and brought much joy and happiness to us as well as to strangers. She never had a bad
day and if she did, it would be put to the side to ensure our day was a little better and brighter.
Our two boys, Alec and Wesley, absolutely loved her and she returned it ten-fold to our entire
family. At 1 1/2 years of age, she became a part of my company by being the logo and mascot
for East Coast Watch Dog. She would ride around in the truck with me to the various jobs. The
property mgt. company has grown to 62 houses that are maintained and each time I would
hop back in the truck, she would almost be asking me “How did it go in there?” Our younger
son Wesley would always have a place on the bed for her to sleep, so that she could start the
new day rested up, by putting a smile on everyone’s face.
Bella will forever be remembered in Our hearts and my company logo will be worn proudly to
remind me that today is going to be a “Beautiful” day. Bella means “beautiful” and truly
describes who she was.