Bert (Sherbert)

Bert’s story.

When we bought our home in 2003 it came with a young, orange outdoor kitty. He was unnamed and hung out our porch, freaking out our house cat and just generally making a friendly pest of himself. After months of feeding, we opened the door and he walked right in, making himself comfortable as an indoor cat. That is the hallmark of Bert -making himself and everyone he encountered feel comfortable and friendly.

Despite what must have been a tough outdoor life (we actually even found he had been shot in the leg) he always had a good word to say to everyone and greeted everyone as if they had been friends for years. As time went by Bert became the social leader of our household. He also maintained his own personal outdoor space (Bert’s garden) and his screen-house where he would lay with us as we whiled away the summer and fall evenings. In winter he would still go out on forays but was not a fan of ice and snow.

Bertie slept in my arms at night – tucked in and purring. When my husband was ill, Bertie was at his side- sleeping with and protecting him an an all night all day shift lasting for months. We were blessed to have this big orange guy for 19 1/2 years before we lost him to pancreatitis and bowel cancer but we are grateful daily for he astounding demeanor, soft as silk fit and furry ear tips. It will be a honor to have his twin brother join us.