Buhner, BJ & Ditto

dirtie dog

I decided to move forward with the cloning process to have a part of my beloved Buhner go on! My cloned puppies, BJ & Ditto, have several similarities to Buhner. For example, they look identical, they all sleep on their backs, and they all seem to be very loving. My favorite part of the cloning process was the day they came home! The photos I received after they were born were great, but the hardest part was the waiting. It was restless for me even though I still had Buhner. My advice to pet owners that are thinking about cloning is to not give it a second thought and prepare to have an even deeper love and connection. I think after going through the process my loved deepened, and I grew even closer to Buhner and the puppies, which is something I didn’t expect.