There are no words to describe the importance of Ceaser in my life. I have a very rich life filled with many friends but Ceaser was something else entirely. From 18 to 33 I truly had a best friend, no matter the day, I always had him to bring a smile. The complete unwavering love and companionship is only second to my wife. The sheer thought of operating forever was the hardest pain to accept and process. The staff at Viagen truly understand these bond and they facilitate a service unlike anything else. Every call was answered even during off hours to make sure my preservation process went smoothly. I can’t thank this service enough for what they are providing to me. I know it won’t be 100% the same but I know my child will be reborn. When people say I’ll do anything to bring you back, Viagen is there ready to make your fantasies a reality. If you are able to afford this in life I can’t say enough times that you should do this in life. What’s a splurge on luxury items when you can bring back a piece of your heart that you thought was broken forever.