When we got the news that there were 5.3 million viable cells from Dollar’s tissue samples, our family was thrilled. Dollar was an amazing dog. He was more like a person than a dog. At family gatherings, he always wanted to have a chair to sit in, that is, if there wasn’t a lap to sit on and weighing in at 85-90lbs it was kinda hard to let Dollar sit on your lap for any length of time. Dollar was extremely protective, very obedient and loved kids. Everyone who met Dollar was impressed by his anatomy, intelligence, and his pleasant personality. Was he kinda scary? You’re darn right! He was “on guard” and watched strangers with an intense focus. He was the perfect guard dog and we were never afraid when he was around. Dollar was with us for 14 short years.

The entire family was heartbroken when he got his wings. We miss him so much. Having the opportunity to have his twin is like a dream. Everyone at ViaGen Pets was so compassionate and caring. I called the office on the day Dollar died and these folks get an A+++ for customer service. I’m so thankful that they were there to help with every step of the process. I was a wreck and couldn’t really think clearly. It was nice knowing I could call with any questions I had. We are looking forward to having Dollar 2.0, one day!
Thank you ViaGen Pets!!