Although I had purchased Gossamer in utero sight unseen to help out a friend who wanted desperately to import a champion Friesian mare from the Netherlands I didn’t get a chance to actually meet him until two weeks after he was foaled. I was told not to expect to get anywhere near him as he was a feisty little thing who was difficult to catch. Although not really a horse person I knew a little about animal behavior from training dogs. So when I entered his pasture I took a knee and just held my position. Within a minute or two he had to find out what this strange human was up to and trotted right up to me. Photo snapped with his chin resting in my hand. Six years later we were snapped engaging in his favorite pastime of chasing mountain bikers on the Heritage hiking trail between York , PA and Baltimore. I can’t reach his chin while kneeling anymore but I don’t need to as he always comes running with a whistle. I keep him at the stables on an Army Post 5 minutes from my lab. I provide full care myself so I see him 2 or 3 times a day and wouldn’t have it any other way. At 14 he’s still up for chasing those foolish humans on bikes and is showing interest in the 90 meter charge we perform on a mounted archery course. He’s got a ways to go but I’m beginning to see gray hairs around his eyes. There shouldn’t be a world without Gossamer in it.