Jax was special in every way. He was gentle, loving, sweet, loyal, protective and a true companion. He was an impressive and powerful Akita with a majestic appearance and yet he radiated warmth and sweetness. He gave our family almost 14 years of happiness and a lifetime of loving memories. Before we knew how incredible this dog was going to be we had him neutered as a puppy. We always regretted that decision and wondered how awesome his offspring would have been. He was the best dog ever and deserved to continue his bloodline.

Jax fulfilled his mission of bringing happiness to our family and the time came on November 7th of 2018 to let Jax go to heaven. We miss him dearly and our home is not the same without him. Thanks to ViaGen Pets, we were able to take his DNA and now we have an opportunity to continue his wonderful lineage.