I struggle greatly between feelings of profound sadness for been given such a short amount of time with you, and a feeling of ungratefulness to the blessings and joys that you brought into our lives. How is it possible to be sad and grateful at the same time? What’s the best way to honor you, beautiful creature of God?

I have never considered myself to be a cat person until I met you. Your gentleness, kindness, lovely temperament—-your soul… I still find myself singing your name every once in while, out of the blue, because I missed you so much. You stole my heart in the most unexpected way.

I am thankful that a company like ViaGen Pets is offering grieving pet owners the opportunity to have a second chance. I may have to drive my old car for another 7-10 years, but the tradeoff of having your identical twin to love and care for will be worth my best effort. It would just be our continued journey of the spirit, and will take whatever lessons the universe have in store for us.