Kahuna is the most loyal guy. I first saw him on the rescue website. It was 2005 and I was looking for a springer spaniel mix dog. He and his siblings were advertised as the springsters. He was the last of them one. I drove to the rescue event with my best friend navigating before gps in the days of mapquest. He miscalculated and we arrived late. There was a young lady that had him and I heard the rescue lady tell her he will be too big for a efficiency apartment. She put him down and a nice couple had their eye on him. I cut in front on them and looked at the guy in my toughest look the couple turned away and I got Kahuna. He has been the most loyal friend and protector. One time I was helping my elderly parents and some big dogs from my neighbors got loose. He stood between the three of them and me and would not let them get close. He had to get several stitches but never let them get close! He was the ring bearer at my wedding and we just found out he has cancer.