When a special being comes into your life, many times you don’t realize, at first, what makes them so. There are many layers to Legacy’s gifts. The first was the way she chose to overcome seemingly impossible beginnings to teach me with Love of Living. Born premature from a treasured family mare that my sister and I consider a sister in spirit, she showed no weakness. Legacy’s desire to Live was evident moments after birth. She never had training of the formal type. She had to be bottle fed for the first 6 weeks because her tiny body had not fully developed with the strength to stand. Her suckle response worked just fine. Her mother never left her and stood to be milked out to feed her baby.
The first time for anything was like she had done it a hundred times. Trim her feet, no big deal. Load in a trailer, allow me to climb on her back, fly spray, blankets, …whatever. It was as if we had done already. She grew into a beautiful girl that did as I asked. Legacy really loved foals. I told her when she turns 12, I would breeder her. Unfortunately a horrid accident, when she was 9 took that away from her, me and my sister. She survived again against impossible odds but left her body in a state of fighting a constant infection and 3 years later she finally told me she was getting tired. She always greeted me every day with a nicker. Quite horse talk when I was closer. So that is reason I chose to preserve her DNA in hopes that I will be able to have another wonderful friend that comes in the beautiful presents of a horse.