“LF” was a beloved member of our family and brought years of joy to our household. ViaGen Pets stored the cells of another dog of mine a few years ago, so after the unexpected death of LF, we knew to have our veterinarian immediately harvest samples to preserve his genetics for future cloning. At that time, ViaGen had been doing horse and livestock cloning for years, but didn’t yet offer dog cloning services. So they happily worked with me to use LF’s preserved genes and find a resource to clone my beloved pup. I cannot be more excited about my 2 puppies! Having two clones of LF in my home is a wonderful experience, and I cannot thank my friends at ViaGen Pets enough for helping make this happen. Now that ViaGen Pets offers pet cloning services in the USA, I will consider cloning my other dog as well. I recommend ViaGen Pets to all my friends who have very special pets of their own.”

–PZ in Florida