I have had many pets throughout the years, but aside from a Westy i had as a kid, there has not been a pet i connected so deeply with that my Lilly. Lilly was a Devon Rex (they have short hair – not bald like a Sphinx) and are super silly and playful with dog-like qualities. She loved to play fetch, climb to the highest heights, play with her toys, but mostly, she just wanted to be touching me at all times. I couldn’t go anywhere without her leaping off the floor to my chest to climb up onto my shoulders. When she wasn’t playing or chasing our other cat Coco around. she could be found slipped into my robe/hoodie/etc. WHILE was wearing it! LOL. That was her spot. She would greet me when i came home meowing away (she was super vocal, always talking to me), and run to the windows or door when i left and calling for me to stay.

She also had a nightly ritual of kneading my belly each before she made herself to sleep. Lilly came down with a case of oral cancer at just 4 years old. We tried everything we could to save her. It drained my entire savings account at almost $16,000. I didn’t care though, she was family, and i could never put a price on family. The only thing we could do is have her cells preserved just before we put her down. The procedure was a success and her cells are now in cryo and her ashes on my fireplace. The cloning is too much of an expense right now. Not only did Lilly’s treatments leave me without any savings, now Covid has hit and my income has dropped significantly. I don’t have what it costs to bring her back right now. It’s been 2 months since I said good-by to that silly goofy girl and I can get through some days without crying, but there is definitely a hole in my heart. I am hoping the cost to bring her back comes down sooner than later so that I may see (a version of) my precious Lilly again. Love you Lil! <3