After the sudden loss of my first beloved cat, Shamrock Kit Kat, (early a.m., 19 March 2011) while in deep mourning, I learned of another cat, Maggie, in need of a new home. First though, I must note the significance of losing Shamrock so close after St. Patrick’s Day 17 March. For I had named her, Shamrock because she was all black with green eyes. I rescued her from Green Creek rest stop the day before Thanksgiving 1998. “Shamrock” for GOOD LUCK in defiance of the foolish superstition.

After our brief introduction, Maggie came home with me and right into my heart! She accepted and respected my parrots and the much larger clumsy, male rotten Rotti happy-go-lucky knucklehead puppy dog. My parrots likewise welcomed this aristocratic (half-Siamese) feline as a member of our flock. Maggie would often be waiting just inside the door when I returned from being away all day; she ate pop-corn, cold canned green beans; she was a content road traveler; a wonderful friend and companion to us all. ViaGen Pets’s DNA banking- a definite comfort for possible future cloning.