Major is the love of my life! I love all animals but the connection I’ve had with this sweet boy is like no other pet I’ve ever had. He was rescued from a kill shelter at the eleventh hour as a young adult. He had plenty of physical and behavioral issues to be dealt with but we nursed him to health and taught him right from wrong and he has been my soul mate for 10 1/2 years now.

We recently discovered he has lymphoma and though we caught it early and are treating it, I’m now realizing our time together is limited. I simply cannot bear the thought of having to go through life without him. The joy and comfort this magnificent dog has brought me is hard to describe with words. I began considering cloning him a few years back but it wasn’t until he got sick that I got serious about it.

Once the kit arrived, I sprung into action to find a vet to take the biopsies, send the tissue samples to Viagen’s lab and pray for the email saying, “it worked”. I got that email today and the relief of knowing I now have the option to clone has filled my heart with joy! Knowing it doesn’t have to end and the thought of being able to see Major as a puppy is nothing short of total bliss. Thank you, Viagen for this service. It’s truly a life changing miracle!