They say the hardest part of writing is the beginning, but it isn’t too hard to write about my beautiful Ragdoll Marcelino. Marcelino was very close to our hearts and I can truly say he was a gift from heaven.He was very affectionate and loving.He was a 20 pound furball and when he ran around in the house it sounded like a galloping of a horse. When he looked into our eyes we just melted and he knew it! Marcelino was a show cat and won many awards but this was not so important as having this wonderful furball snuggling besides us. He owned us and we loved him dearly.

It was so heartwrenching when we lost him to kidney failure at 11 years old. It was like losing our child.

We decided to save his DNA and one day bring him back. I think cloning is wonderful and if you had a very close and loving relationship with your furball, cloning is most definitely the path.