Marley was a special dog, but I never knew the impact he would have for the rest of my life until one day hiking in 2014. My wife Alicia was 6 months pregnant but wanted to stay active. We had a nice hiking trail up the side of a valley in front of our house in San Diego we had never tried. As usual, Marley came along happily. We started hiking but it got quite steep for Alicia half-a-mile up so she bent down to pick up a walking stick off the path. It was then that I saw Marley dart in front of me and start to viciously claw the dirt where Alicia’s hand was. Alicia had fallen on her back from the commotion, but as I looked closer I saw what Marley had done. There was a rattlesnake curled up and looked ready to strike, but as Marley clawed it, it quickly scrambled away. Because of that heroic action saving Alicia and my unborn baby girl from that deadly situation, I knew I had to honor Marley’s memory through ViaGen Pets storage and one day clone Marley because of what he did to save my family.