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It has been several years since I’ve seen my boy but it feels like he is right beside me lying on the couch due to the fact that there is a wonderful company called ViaGen that allows you to get as close as you can to seeing your beloved pet again. My story and my journey with my dog was a long time ago but feels like just yesterday. My dog was rescued from an abusive situation and brought to me by my concerned girlfriend. She left a person’s house that owned several dogs and noticed there were newborn puppies being mistreated. She brought three puppies home and we stayed up all night trying to nurse them back to health. I regret to say that one did not make it through the night. The other two took to her nursing and flourished in the weeks to come.

I still remember the sound of their little growls playing together on our living room floor even at a couple weeks old. A friend of mine came by and instantly fell in love with the black and white colored dog puppy, my dog’s brother. He showed such love and attention towards the dog that I turned down his offer to buy the puppy and let him take it home with him knowing it would be truly loved and well taken care of. So that started the journey of me and my best friend, Together almost every day and always in my heart. Our connection was more than just a dog and an owner, it was a beautiful thing that still fuels me through sad days now.

We had so much fun together and I look forward to the day he bounds into the room and jumps on the couch to give me a big lick on the face. Thank you ViaGen for making the passing of my dog many years ago seem a little easier as I know one day I will get to see his beautiful face again.