Where do I begin, Mollie was an angel who came into my life, an 11-year-old Aussie who saved me from deep despair over the loss of our second Aussie that year. We met at her foster home, a rescue red tri both cautious and curious who before I knew it had curled up next to me looking for attention and got a big hug.We were meant for each other though we didn’t know it at the time.We went on to spend a few days week together on walks which I would look forward to every afternoon after work on the way home.

When we did get our first chance to have a sleep over at home, she jumped into the car seat next to me, set her paws on my leg and laid her head in my lap. She found herself in a new place that was soon to become her new home, and slept on my shoulder that first night so close I could hear her breathing.

She was from then on always in my thoughts, and never left my side again while we were together. Mollie was a friend cherished by all who knew her and will be forever in my heart.